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What To Expect


I believe providing a space for trust and partnership helps facilitate creativity and growth.  As a coach, I create that space, and am fully present with you in it.  Through open, thought-provoking questions, coaching helps you ponder and reflect on your responses, and then turn that learning into action.  

It’s not about achieving perfection.  Rather, it’s about making progress; celebrating your successes, while never ceasing to grow. 

Nick Van Vliet

“Working with Susan has been a game changer for my business and my life. Her coaching, wisdom, and expertise has helped me to become a better leader. Each week, I walk away with practical and tangible action items and a healthy sense of confidence to implement my mission and values. She has a passion and a care for drawing the best out of people and it clearly shows up in her work! I recommend Susan for anyone who wants to be intentional about their life and their business!” 

Jennifer Lanctot

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about Susan and her coaching! During our sessions, I have had several "lightbulb" moments that have been pivotal in my life. Susan is professional, safe, kind, and incredibly gifted! I always leave with a deeper sense of determination and purpose. On several occasions I have needed to pause to ponder a thought, or have been brought to tears unexpectedly, and Susan always welcomes those moments. She then asks questions that assist me in connecting the dots on how and why that realization applies, big-picture, to my life. Worth every penny x 10!”

Zack Williams

"Susan has been such an incredible help on so many levels! She has helped me process my goals and brought such clarity to what I should focus on in this season of life. She is a constant encouragement and spurs me on to do the hard yet meaningful things in life. She has a very unique gift of both helping gain big picture vision while also finding tactile actionable items to help chip away at my larger goals. Can't say enough great things about my sessions with Susan!"  

My Approach

My passion has always been to make a difference in the lives of both men and women.  My education and personal experiences have taught me how to listen with understanding and compassion – not ONLY to the words being spoken, but to the heart of the speaker. 


As a coach, I serve as a thought-partner and encourager, as a challenger and as a source of accountability.  It is a privilege to be invited to journey with another as they navigate the various seasons, transitions, and decisions life brings. While I am not an “expert” in all things, my formal training and life experience has equipped me to help coach others to maximize their personal and professional potential. 


Through my own mountains and valleys of life, I have learned (and continue to learn) how to translate and apply my knowledge, values, and beliefs in positive, forward-looking approaches.  The result? An unwavering purpose, hope and joy.


I bring this same attitude and skill to every coaching relationship, as I seek to help others achieve their own unique goals and experience lasting change.  

My Approach
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