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Welcome! Whatever your journey to this page has been, I’m so glad you’re here!  Isn’t the journey of our life an amazing thing? Some of it exhilarating and some of it emotionally and sometimes (even physically) debilitating. At times, our expectations are met, while some longings remain unfulfilled.  I believe what makes EVERY aspect of the journey better, is having someone with whom to journey.  As a coach (and as a person), THAT is what I love to do!


Faith, Freedom, Joy, Purpose

Susan has a genuine love for others and for the Word of God. She is passionate about encouraging people in their faith and helping others experience ever-increasing joy and freedom in their lives. Susan holds a B.A. in Organizational/Interpersonal Communication with a Minor in Pastoral Care and Counseling. In both her professional and personal life, she has held numerous leadership roles, always serving with a focus on helping people and organizations be their very best. For 18 years, Susan was the Corporate Administrator for Regency Lighting, a multi-state company, based in Southern California. She is now a writer and podcast host for Q4 Impact, a non-profit organization that encourages individuals to live meaningful and intentional lives all the way through their 4th quarter.  She also loves entering the journey of others through her work as a General Life Coach. Susan lives in New Hampshire with her much-loved son, Micah.


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